Gota residents maintain ‘besna’ for dying highway

AHMEDABAD: Chants of “Shree Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram” filled the air on , , with locals and women in white saris, holding the ‘besna’ (mourning ritual) of the road neglected by authorities for over six months and causing a menace to residents. Thousands of people and women holding placards like ‘No Politics Zone” and “Swasth Gota, Swachh Gota” surrounded the .
Local politicians, who had turned a deaf ear to the people’s problems for last six months rushed to the spot at the sound of chanting of Ramdhun for an hour, to find people sitting at the centre stage with heads covered by handkerchiefs and a banner proclaiming “32 TP- Gota Road nu Besnu (mourning rituals of 32 TP Road Gota). Yes, the locals were protesting about the , which crosses through 32 TP in Gota near the Gota Flyover.

A government employee and resident of Silver Nest Society, Ramjibhai Desai, said the road has been in very bad shape since the authorities had dug it up to lay drainage system.

“They set the concrete on the road and went off. The concrete broke down fast creating ditches and clouds of dust. People living here started getting breathing problems,” said Ramjibhai, adding, “We wrote to the authorities several times and even drew attention of our local representatives towards the menace, but nothing has happened in six months.”

Another resident of the same area, Kishore Patel, a businessman, said every time a vehicle passed, clouds of dust erupted making it impossible to take a breath.

Ramjibhai said that being tired of making complaints they decided that they should arrange a “besna” for the dying road. “We spread the word in the area and thousands of local residents gathered to mourn the dying road,” Ramjibhai said. However the “besna” this time drew the attention of local politicians who rushed to the spot where the “besna’ was being organized.

Ramjibhai said they have assured residents of quick action and have promised that concrete surfacing of the road will be done shortly.

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