Scant site visitors police presence, poor enforcement blamed for accidents

PUNE: Poor traffic police presence on the city roads and knee-jerk enforcement of traffic rules have much to do with the rising number of accidents, feel common citizens and traffic experts.
“Accidents are on the rise because the traffic cops are not seen on the roads. Motorists will follow the rules if the visibility of policemen is increased. Police should also take feedback from motorists. This will help the police maintain traffic discipline better on the roads,” said activist Shashidhar Puram.

Prashant Surse, another activist, agreed. “Lack of enforcement of traffic rules has as much to do with the accidents as the indiscipline among vehicle users. The other reasons include speeding on two-wheelers, refusal to wear helmets and talking on cellphones while driving,” he said.

Swapnil Kudale, a mechanical engineer, said, “Motorists coming in the wrong direction is very common. Jumping signals is also rampant. To check the number of accidents, the traffic police must impose heavy fines.”

“If accidents are on the rise, then a detailed study is required to identify the accident-prone spots, infrastructural problems, types of vehicles involved in accidents, trends etc. and suggest remedial measures. Pune and municipal corporations have conducted an audit and identified accidents spots. They are doing their best,” said traffic planner

Meanwhile, Rajendra Sidhaye, the chairman of , wants the infrastructure issues to be addressed. “Public transport has failed to cater to the needs of the growing population and the growing number of vehicles is putting a strain on our roads,” he said. “The safety aspect has deteriorated because the infrastructure issues have not been addressed systematically. If the pavements are pedestrian-friendly, then people will not walk on roads. should be given 16 seconds to cross zebra-crossings. Pedestrians should also follow traffic rules” he added.

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