Analyst Views on Shares of Canon, Inc. (NYSE:CAJ)

Using projections from 3 individual sell-side analysts polled by Zacks Research, Canon, Inc. (NYSE:CAJ) has a current quarter EPS consensus estimate of 0.63. Going back to the previous reporting period, the company posted a quarterly EPS of 0.49. As earnings season comes into focus, investors will be closely monitoring analyst estimates leading up to the report. Sell-side analysts often provide updates prior to and after the company reports. Following analyst revisions leading up to the earnings release may provide some good insight into the direction that the most recent estimates are trending. Investors will be watching to see which companies post the largest earnings beats or misses. Even if a company reports a large earnings beat or miss, there is still no guarantee that the stock will move as expected following the results. Many investors will choose to sit tight until after the post earnings volatility has subsided.

One way to completely avoid market mistakes is to not invest at all. Of course, that could end up to be the greatest mistake of all. Investors will occasionally make some mistakes, as that comes with the territory. The key as with most things in life is to figure out how to learn from past mistakes and use that knowledge to make better decisions going forward. Pinpointing exactly what went wrong may help shed some light on what needs improvement. Sometimes, investors will suffer losses and become discouraged right out of the gate. The tendency is to then try to recoup losses by taking even bigger risks which can lead to complete disaster. One of the biggest differences between successful investors and failed investors is the willingness and ability to learn from past personal mistakes.

Equity analysts will routinely provide stock price target projections. Many investors are highly interested in where the analysts view the stock heading in the future. Presently, analysts polled by Zacks Research have set a consensus target price of $32.7 on shares of Canon, Inc. (NYSE:CAJ). Price target estimates can be calculated using different methods, and they may vary depending on the individual analyst. A thoroughly researched analyst report will typically provide detailed reasoning for a specific target price estimate. Some investors may track analyst targets very closely and use the data to complement their own stock analysis.

Watching stock price activity for Canon, Inc. (NYSE:CAJ), we have spotted shares trading close to the 33.92 level. Investors will often monitor stock price levels relative to its 52-week high and low marks. The 52-week high is currently 40.22, and the 52-week low is presently 32.38. When a stock price is nearing the 52-week high or 52-week low, investors may closely follow activity to watch for a breach. Over the past 12 weeks, shares have moved -7.88%. Moving back to the start of the year, we can see that shares have changed -9.3%. Zooming in to the past 4 weeks, shares have seen a change of -1.11%. Over the last week, the stock has moved -0.41%.

Focusing in on analyst opinions, we note that the current average broker recommendation on shares of Canon, Inc. (NYSE:CAJ) is presently 2.67. The recommendation falls on a scale between 1 and 5. A broker rating of 1 would translate into a Strong Buy. A rating of 5 would indicate a Strong Sell recommendation. This consensus broker rating may help shed some light on how the sell-side is currently viewing company stock. Based on sell-side analysts polled by Zacks Research, 1 have rated the stock a Strong Buy or Buy.