Professional-VC away, PhD registration course of in a multitude even a day earlier than deadline

NAGPUR: Even as registration for doctorate of philosophy (PhD) closes on Monday, Nagpur University’s departments, affiliated colleges and scholars find themselves in sheer mess. Thanks to the preoccupation of pro-VC Pramod , who is busy with interviews for Mumbai and Solapur varsity vice-chancellor’s posts, issues regarding places of research, guide’s tenure, constitution of research advisory () committee, inconsistent information on portal etc have remained unresolved.
In fact, setting up of RAC by NU departments and colleges and prohibiting guides who are left with three or less years of service have emerged as contentious issues even till the eleventh hour. The PhD registrations began on April 2, and during the same time Yeole started lobbying for the vacant VC posts.

Amid the confusion, the newly launched portal failed to serve its purpose. As on Sunday, the portal carried incorrect or outdated data.

Guides and colleges have demanded that the NU extends the deadline for registration by at least a month besides updating the data on the portal.

NU officials said in the absence of the pro-VC, who is heading the PhD cell, the concerns raised couldn’t be immediately addressed. Prior to this season, Yeole had kept a close watch on the entire process.

As per the PhD directions, that were formulated by board of deans led by pro-VC, the RAC must have two PhD supervisors nominated by the VC besides other members. However, many colleges missed the fine print and are now making a last minute rush for the nominations.

NU officials said as the pro-VC may stay away for some more time, the VC will have to step in and bail out scholars and colleges. “The issues have been put up before the VC and the exam section can take corrective measures only when he issues directives as the PhD cell was being handled by the pro-VC,” they said.

On the other hand, the guides have opposed the controversial clause that restricts them from admitting scholars if they have less than three years of service left. “As per UGC guidelines, thesis can be submitted in three years. Also, scholars can change guide anytime. When these two options are available, how can the disqualify guides who are superannuating in three years,” they asked.

Consequently, the norms like same guide must be employed at the research centre have further complicated the registrations. Colleges have dubbed the norm as illogical since it is resulting in large of number of seats remaining vacant as well as approved supervisors without scholars.

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