Congress choses new faces, provides ticket to three kids

Dharwad: Apart from accommodating sitting MLAs, Congress has decided to give a chance to fresh faces to try and win the seats that the party had lost in previous assembly elections.
Mohemmed Ismail Tamatgar, who had contested the previous two elections as Janata Dal (S) nominee has now been given a ticket by Congress for the Hubballi-Dharwad West constituency. He will face sitting BJP MLA Arvind Bellad. Sources said Congress was accommodated following pressure from national level Muslim leaders.

In the 2008 assembly election, Tamatgar had secured 14,200 (13.07 per cent) votes to emerge third in the race. BJP’s Chandrakant Bellad had won the election.

In 2013, Tamatgar had got 30,312 votes (23.9 per cent), just 509 votes less than and former minister S R Morey who was second. Bellad had emerged victorious after securing 42,003 (33.1 per cent) votes.