Authorities and training society lock horns over charge hike

NOIDA/GREATER NOIDA: The issue of fee hike in the four government inter colleges has been stuck in the confusion between the and the education society running the four government institutions.
While the society has said that they are ready to roll back around 300 per cent fee hike affected from this session, in case the authorities write to the society saying that they are ready to bear the cost of running the four inter colleges, the latter has not clarified its position on a written sanction.

In a meeting held between the chairman of the Noida-Greater Noida education society Prabhat Kumar and other members of the society with members of the parents association on Monday, the chairman told the parents that they are ready to roll back the fee hike in case the authorities give it in writing that they are ready to bear the cost of running the inter colleges.

Lalit Gupta, director of the society confirmed that the chairman agreed to roll back the fee in case the authorities give it in writing.

Alok Tandon, chairman of the Noida-Greater Noida Authorities told TOI that both the authorities are ready to bear the cost of the inter colleges till they are taken over by the government.

“We have been funding the inter colleges till last year when we requested the state government to take over the same. We will continue to fund these colleges till the takeover comes about” he said.

However, when asked if the Authorities will give anything in writing to the society to this affect, he said that “fee hike was different issue and the society was free to increase the fee”.

Parents however say that if is ready to fund the inter colleges, the society should refrain from a fee hike and instead write to the state government for a takeover of the four inter colleges by the education department.

Rajesh Pandit, president of the association told TOI that they had read news reports where the CEO of the Noida and authorities had said that the two industrial bodies are ready to bear the cost of the government inter colleges.

“But, chairman of the society has made it clear that they have received no representation from the authorities in written and that they will roll back the hike in case the same comes in writing,” he said.

However, since the Authority has given nothing in writing, the parents insist that the society should handover the inter colleges to the state government’s education department.

divisional commissioner and society chairman Prabhat Kumar did not reply.

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