Clandestine operation: Bones from carcass chilly meat for shine in tiles

HYDERABAD: In a , bones of dead animals (carcasses), which are dumped at Municipal Corporation (GHMC) dumpyard at Autonagar near LB Nagar, are clandestinely being turned into powder for use in manufacturing tiles and as animal feed. Greater Hyderabad generates nearly three tonnes of carcasses daily, confirmed civic officials.
The carcasses of buffaloes from dairy farms, cattle from slaughter houses and other animals found dead in GHMC limits were being sent to the Autonagar dump. Even carcasses of horses that die at the Hyderabad Race Club were being sent to the dump.

According to Telangana Pollution Control Board norms, the carcasses should be buried in deep trenches and . However, the contractor, who oversees disposal of the animals at the dump, is flouting norms by not burying the carcasses deep. Instead, the contractor was burying some of them in shallow pits and leaving some scattered on the ground and selling the bones. The bones, left scattered on the ground to dry, were being transported surreptitiously to units in the early hours.

Purchasers pound the bones to powder and supply it to tile-manufacturing companies and agencies dealing with flooring of residential and commercial buildings. “The powder gives shine to tiles and flooring,” a city-based builder told TOI.Highly-placed sources in GHMC said the powder was also being used as animal feed too.

The sources said municipal minister K T Rama Rao had asked the civic body to invite tenders for units which could dispose of animal waste using ‘black hole’ technology. Using the technology also known as super plasma decomposition, low-temperature plasma (ionized gas) is used to convert garbage/animal waster into ceramic ash.

“Some GHMC officers are benefiting from the present contractor, who has been disposing of carcasses in an and supplying bones,” the sources said.

“The officers are obstructing the tender process to invite companies involved in black hole technology as they are getting benefits from the present dispensation. Many agencies which have the technology to turn animal waste into ceramic ash have approached the civic body, but their bids have been thwarted. For the sake of environment and people staying near the dump, animal waste should be disposed of in a scientific manner,” atop GHMC official, on condition of anonymity, said.

Apart from GHMC officials, even an IAS officer with the civic body rued the same. “Scientific disposal of animal waste should be taken up to from pollution,” a GHMC official said.

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