Now, cruise at 100 kmph on NH with out concern of cameras

Thiruvananthapuram: The Centre has decided to revise the maximum speed limits on and national highways to 120 kmph and 100 kmph, respectively.
Since the new speed limits, as per the notification, comes with a five percent margin, commuters can cruise up to the speeds of 126 kmph and 105 kmph on expressways and national highways, legally.

The notification, issued by the ministry of road transport and highways on April 6, has been forwarded to all states. The state governments would have to make enecessary changes based on this. The motor vehicles department will have to recalibrate all speed cameras installed on the roads in accordance with the revised speed limits.

“The decision to recalibrate the cameras will be taken after the state government takes appropriate decision on the basis of the revised speed restrictions issued by the Centre,” said K Padmakumar, transport commissioner.

The revision, from the existing 100 kmph to 120 kmph in expressways with access control and from 80 kmph to 100kmph for four-lane roads with dividers, will be applicable for M1 category vehicles (used for carriage of passengers comprising not more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat). Cars and similar four-wheeler vehicles would come under the category. The speed on the roads within municipal limits have also been revised for the M1 category vehicles from existing 50 kmph to 70 kmph. The speed limits were previously revised four years ago in 2014.

Passenger vehicles having nine or more seats in addition to driver’s seat (buses, mini-buses etc) can cruise up to a maximum speed of 100 kmph and 90 kmph on expressways and national highways, respectively. The speed limit for these vehicles on the roads within municipal limits has been fixed at 60 kmph. The speed for bikes have been fixed at 80 kmph on both expressways and national highways, while the speed for bikes on municipal roads has been revised to 60 kmph. The speed limit for three-wheelers have been revised to 50 kmph on national highways and roads within municipal limits.

The Centre fixes the speed restrictions on the basis of the section 112 (1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. As per the section 112 (2) of the Act, the state government can come up with additional restrictions, within the broad contours of the Centre’s notification. For example, if the state feels that there needs to be some restriction at a particular area due to the presence of a major religious institution, the state government can issue another notification for that particular area limiting the speed.

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