ATMs go dry, greet with ‘no money‘ board in Sangam metropolis

ALLAHABAD: Most of the ATMs in the city greeted their customers with ‘no cash‘ board or remained defunct. Similar has been the scene for past many days in the first month of the new financial year, in the city.
Long queues could be seen in front of a few ATM‘s which are dispensing cash, reminding one of the post-demonetization scenes. “I visited seven kiosks of which six were shut. I finally managed to get cash from a SBI ATM to pay my house rent,” said , a BTech student of .

While a few ATMs, located in some of the smaller localities of the city and others located within the bank premises were functioning and dispensing cash, many others displayed ‘no-cash‘ board or were open with half shutter, an indication for ‘dry‘ ATM.

“Although the new financial year has commenced, there has been a rise in bulk withdrawals. Most banks are holding back cash and not sending it to currency chests, from where money is supplied to ATMs. This is one of the main reasons why ATMs are not getting refilled,” said senior manager of a nationalised bank.

Bank officials said dwindling cash supply from RBI is also a reason for the cash crunch. An official said while the demand from his bank branch was Rs 40 crore for a week, the currency chest supplied only Rs 12.5 crore.

Moreover, there are some branches of the bank which are keeping their ATM‘s open round the clock because of insufficient manpower. “Our bank does not provide for the round the clock guard because of which we have no other option but to close our ATM after the bank timings”, said senior official of the UCO bank of Preetan Nagar locality of the city.

Moreover, rumours are adding to the crises.

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